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Dome Standing Lamp

Dome Standing Lamp


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Hand-crafted in Italy

Technical specifications

Introducing Mingardo's lamp series inspired by the architectural elegance of a monoptera temple. Each lamp features a circular colonnade topped with a blown glass dome, creating a unique fusion of structural design and artistic illumination. The result is a collection of slender, thin fixtures resembling miniature domestic architecture. Depending on the height, these lamps can serve as captivating ground or table lighting, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

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More Details

At the heart of this series lies a captivating circular colonnade, meticulously crafted to emulate the grandeur of classical architecture. The precision and attention to detail in the construction of the colonnade evoke a sense of refined sophistication, making these lamps not mere sources of light but captivating pieces of functional art.

The crowning glory of each Dome Standing Lamp is the expertly blown glass dome that gracefully rests atop the colonnade. This delicate yet resilient dome diffuses light with a soft, warm glow, creating an enchanting play of shadows and highlights. The marriage of the robust metal colonnade and the ethereal glass dome results in a visual spectacle that seamlessly blends structural integrity with artistic illumination.

Mingardo's commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence is evident in every aspect of these lamps. The Dome Standing Lamp series is not just a lighting solution; it's an invitation to infuse your living space with an air of sophistication and timeless beauty.


- Height: 135m
- Width: 38cm
- Length: 28cm


- Material: Burnished Iron, Copper
- Finish: Copper detail, Varnished Black
- Fixture type: 230V

Bulb Specifications

- Bulb included: No
- Bulbs required: 1
- Bulb fitting: E27 Bulb
- Wattage (Max): 3W

Shipping & Returns

This exquisite creation is meticulously crafted to order. Your purchase will be dispatched from the artisan's studio using a fully insured delivery service. Upon placing your order, an email confirmation will be promptly sent to you. As production nears completion, you can anticipate receiving an update specifying the final delivery date. Kindly note that, given the bespoke nature of this Made-to-Order item, returns are not possible. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Return Policy for further details.

- Ships from Italy

- Lead time 8-10 Weeks

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