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e27 Buster Bulb

e27 Buster Bulb

Buster + Punch

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Technical specifications

Introducing the inaugural designer LED bulb in the world, crafted with precision and style by Buster + Punch. Choose from exquisite crystal, opulent gold, or sophisticated smoked finishes—all meticulously constructed from durable polycarbonate.

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More Details

Introducing the pioneering Designer LED Bulb – a beacon of innovation. Elevate your space with its captivating Crystal, opulent Gold, or sophisticated Smoked bronze finish, meticulously crafted from durable polycarbonate.

At the heart of this luminary marvel lies a resin light pipe, the nexus of enchantment. This ingenious feature orchestrates a delicate ambient glow while casting a focused spotlight onto tables and surfaces below.

Pair it seamlessly with our Heavy metal or hooked lighting collections for an aesthetic symphony. Opt for the 5W dimmable or 2W non-dimmable warm white LED variant to suit your preferences.

Remarkably eco-friendly, this bulb sips just 1/20th of the energy compared to traditional counterparts.

Please take note:

The non-dimmable LED BUSTER BULB gracefully accompanies on/off switches.

For the dimmable LED BUSTER BULB, indulge in the brilliance of LED-compatible dimmer switches, such as the Buster + Punch Premium dimmer switch. Alternatively, revel in their radiance with on/off switches.


- Overall length: 17cm
- Width: 6.5cm


- Type: E27 & B22
- For indoor use only

Bulb Specifications

2W Dimmable
- Power: 2W
- Type: Dimmable LED
- Screw fitting: E27
- Supply: 220 - 240 VAC
- Expected life: 35,000 Hours
- Lumen: Crystal max 250, Gold max 200, Smoked max
- Light Appearance: Crystal 2700k, Gold 2400k, Smoked
- CRI: 80
- Power factor: 0.8
- CE Certified.

2W Non-Dimmable
- Power: 2W
- Type: Non - Dimmable LED
- Screw fitting: E27
- Supply: 1000 - 240 VAC
- Expected life: 35,000 Hours
- Lumen: Crystal max 125, Gold max 100, Smoked max
- Light Appearance: Crystal 2700k, Gold 2400k, Smoked
- CRI: 80
- Power factor: 0.8
- CE Certified.

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